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  • Our Spout fruit bowl supplying the vitamin on a Golden Pliè

  • This is how a custom 150 cm long Pliè looks like.
    Email us for yours!

  • The Basso posing in style in the factory while a visit to check production.

  • Wondering how our Oyster is produced. Click here to learn a bit more of its manufacturing steps.

  • AD Magazine (Germany) visited Geckeler Michels in their studio in Berlin and this is what they saw. ? Jules Villbrandt

  • Who said traditional retail was dead? Definitely not us.
    We’ve partnered with good old friends ISTO and just opened a store in Príncipe Real, Lisboa.
    Come say hi and check for yourself our products everyday of the week.

  • The smallest from Pliè is this beautiful Mini Shelf ?