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Factory Visit
June 2018

Earlier this year we took the car and drove up north to see the manufacturing of our Oyster Stool. It is always exciting to visit manufacturers and specially this one. They are with us since the very beginning and they have always treated us incredibly well.
The manufacturing of the Oyster stool is the perfect balance of man machine. The sophisticated seat is machined in a top notch 5 axis CNC machine while the three legs are made using traditional woodworking joinery. Even if this production house is fully equipped with automatic machines they rely a huge deal in the talent of their workers and the difference can be easily spotted.

Here is a short summary of a few steps needed to complete our Oyster stool.

Each step is carefully crafted whit a dear attention to the details. Joaquim makes sure each leg is fitting perfectly to the stool seat before he can sand away the tools mark left by the CNC machine.

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