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  • Oyster will get an upgrade very soon!
    After the success of London’s presentation we are currently running tests on two high stools to complete the Oyster family.
    Stay tuned for more updates.

  • Even if in Portugal you can find cork in abundance it wasn’t that easy to source the right texture, density and tone for the Basso. Finally we closed two tones and with slightly different textures: one lighter and another in black cork. We are very happy to see how well it works with the light grey color like in the picture! 😉

  • Not only we are very happy with the quality of the Dual glass set, I simply love to stair at them in this little corner of the studio.

  • It is always a good surprise when you are browsing your favorite blogs and you stumble upon one of your products being featured on their social networks. Thank you once again Leibal for having featured Spout by Manuel Amaral Netto

  • Dual sitting elegantly on Pinto table.
    Come and pass by our Studio here until Friday March 31st.

  • If you happen to be in Lisbon ?? between March 22nd until the 31st you have to visit UTIL’s studio to see and purchase its products first hand.

  • Arriving at the studio and dropping the shades and hanging my bag on my blue Hal ? Check it out in our online Shop!